Bishop Allan Kiuna is Dead.
The renowned bishop was battling cancer.

We all know several people in our families or renowned people who have been battling cancer, some succumbing to the illness while others overcoming and becoming survivors. Recently, through a lengthy Instagram post, we got to know about the challenging moments that Kathy Kiuna has been going through for the past year.

In July 2019, Bishop Allan Kiuna broke the news that he was suffering from cancer. This was when he sent his condolences to the families of politicians Joyce Laboso and Ken Okoth who succumbed to the illness. Nevertheless, he did not share which type of cancer he had.

His exact words were: “Am so grateful to God for having seen me through a difficult battle with cancer last year. My heart goes out to the families of all who have Lost their loved ones to the scourge. We are praying for God’s strength in your hour of grief.

May God comfort the family of Gov. Laboso. And May God comfort the family of Hon. Ken Okoth. We are praying for you for God’s grace in your hour of grief.” Last week, Rev Kathy Kiuna shared with her fans on Instagram concerning the most challenging journey of her life. In the post, Kathy announced that her husband Allan was diagnosed with cancer in 2018.

Bishop Allan Kiuna and Reverend Kathy Kiuna have been an iconic marriage couple who, despite their humble beginnings, rose to fame by spreading the word of God.

Bishop Allan Kiuna is the chief founder of Jubilee Christian Church, and his wife, Kathy, works under him. She is not only a preacher, a gospel artist, and author but also the founder of Daughters of Zion. Lately, Bishop Kiuna’s sickness has been the talk of the town.


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