Pressure creases: Raila switches off his phones after "SALAMU" from Gen ZRaila on a phone call, switches off after salamu from Gen Z

Former prime minister Raila Odinga for the first time had to switch off his phone because of many calls, texts and WhatsApp messages from Gen Zs.

This comes after his continuous call for dialogue with president Ruto  to engage the citizens of the country after continued unrest, abductions in the nation.

Azimio leader Raila Odinga was at the receiving end of Gen Zs’ wrath on social media for joining calls for national dialogue under the National Multi-Sectoral Forum which they have declined to be part of.

Raila and President William Ruto announced on Tuesday the talks will get underway from Monday, July 15 and run for six days until Saturday, July 20.

The team will comprise 150 multi-sectoral stakeholders to engage the youth.

“I’m happy to confirm that we had consultations and agreed that dialogue is the way forward out of the crisis that we are facing in the country,” Raila said on the steps of the Kenyatta International Convention Centre flanked by Ruto, DP Rigathi Gachagua and a number of leaders from government and the Opposition including Kalonzo Musyoka.

Pressure creases: Raila switches off his phones after "SALAMU" from Gen Z
Raila on a phone call, switches off after salamu from Gen Z

“We have agreed that we give people an opportunity to be heard, express themselves and come out with the grievances that are in our country today.”

Ruto announced the formation of the NMSF on June 26 after weeks of Gen Z-driven mass protests demanding that the Finance Bill, 2024 be withdrawn.

The youngsters declined to be part of the talks and demanded that the President address them on a platform they were most comfortable with.

Come Friday, July 5, the President accepted to be hosted on X Space where he fielded questions from an angry lot of Gen Zs who among other things accused him of not listening to their complaints.

“I have gone home with ‘I need to listen more, I need more empathy’. My administration needs more empathy and I have heard you say more action,” Ruto said in his final remarks.

On Tuesday morning, Raila who the youth had requested to stay out of the picture as they demanded better governance from the Ruto administration through mass action, emerged at the KICC during the signing of the IEBC Amendment Bill, 2024.

His “we had consultations and agreed that dialogue is the way forward” statement on the steps of the convention centre sparked outrage from Gen Zs on social media who immediately rebuffed the stance.

They said they are tribe-less, party-less and leaders-less and neither of the political class speaks for them.

“Who is ‘we’? They asked.

“We told Raila Odinga to rest and let us handle our matters. We are not going to dialogue with President William Ruto. We know how it ends and Baba is a clear example of how dialogue never works,” one averred.

“Raila, as you go ahead and dialogue, kindly don’t involve us. Discuss your private matters. You don’t speak on our behalf,” said another.

“Sitawahi kaa Kimya maisha yangu (I will never keep quiet in my life) until these guys either change or bounce. Anguka nayo hiyo (cramble with that) dialogue and go home Raila, Who is ‘We’? One posed.

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