Shocking: Man dumps young baby by the roadside, speeds off with a motorbike

Dumped baby- Kenyans on TikTok and social media in general have been treated to a shock as a man on a motorbike stopped and dumped his baby by the roadside and sped off with the motorbike.

The incident that happened in accounting within mount Kenya region shocked the villages who couldn’t believe babies being thrown away at this particular age and era. Locals filled the area there by taking the baby to the area chief for further action.

Kenyans of reacted on social media to read with some applaud in the father for doing so and not killing the baby while others saying that people should be careful when having intimacy will people they may end up being co-parents together.

In the last years there has been a growing number of single motherhood a case that made the former president Kenyatta dedicate the whole paragraph during his labor Day speech as he exited office.

Concerned about what he called the evolving face of the Kenyan family, Mr. Kenyatta said the increase is a threat to our traditional values and the family.

“The evolving face of the Kenyan family is characterised in the 2019 national census where families headed by single parents rose from 25.1% in 2009 to 38.2% in 2019,” he said.

“If unchecked, this trend shall destroy the fundamental character of Kenya and reap untold harm onto our most vulnerable and precious members of society; our Children.”

The Head of State, in his 59th Madaraka Day State address, called on the media, the church and community elders to step up.

“I urge our media houses, our religious leaders, our community elders, and the concerned government agencies to step up to the plate and make sure that the Kenyan Family remains the strong and respected institution that it has historically been.”

The President was referring to a data point from the 2019 Census. In the 10 years between that census and the last, the number of households headed by single parents grew from 25.1 per cent to 28.2 per cent.


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