A Gen Z baddie has become a sensation after viral video dancing next to serious GSU police officers keeping gourd in the Nairobi central district.

In the wake of protest against punitive taxes in Kenya, the Gen Z have proven to only fear marriage, lack of internet, low phone battery charge and hot porridge.
The young girl took the tik tok video outside Nyayo house popularly known for torture(Nyayo torture chambers) intentionally telling the government that “Moi days” were over.

Kenya has been rocked by massive protests led by the Gen Z generation against the corrupt and populist regime of President Ruto who narrowly won the 2022 election.

It is a revolt by the youth, who represent the overwhelming majority of the population—about 80 percent of Kenya’s population is below the age of 35 years—who are sick and tired of the deferred promises of development since the dawn of multi-party democracy.

It is the revenge of angry and betrayed youth who were cynically mobilized by Ruto with brazenly false promises of jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities. His campaign trumpeted the “hustler vs dynasty” narrative, pitting the rich versus the poor, portraying himself as the latter’s indefatigable champion.

It is a rebellion that is not led by cynical politicians, and with no identifiable leaders who can easily be isolated, intimidated, bribed, or co-opted. It is organized through the public square of contemporary youth communication and engagement, social media, that cannot be easily manipulated like traditional media.

It is a repudiation of the politics of tribalism that Kenya’s political class has mastered to divide and rule this proud, vibrant, multi-ethnic, multi-religious, and multicultural nation of 55 million and robbed the country of its enormous potential. The protests have engulfed the entire country including the president’s stronghold.

It is a rejection of the disastrous neoliberal injunctions of the international financial institutions and economic and geopolitical subservience to external powers that have a sordid record of exploiting, marginalizing, and underdeveloping Kenya and other countries in Africa and the global South.

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Protests: Will Gen Z Transform Kenya?
For the first time in history, young people have forced the Government to concede and drop the controversial Finance Bill, and now they have trained their eyes on the Church and State, calling for far-reaching governance reforms.

In an unprecedented turn of events, the youth of Kenya have proven their might by compelling the government to withdraw the controversial Finance Bill. This monumental victory marks a significant shift in the political landscape, showcasing the power and influence of Gen Z in shaping the nation’s future. As the dust settles, the youth have set their sights on even broader horizons, calling for sweeping reforms in both the Church and the State.

The Gen Z Uprising in Kenya
The Gen Z uprising in Kenya is part of a much larger African story. The youth bulge, which will give the continent a quarter of the world’s population and a third of its labor force by 2050, and 40 percent of the global population by 2100, is a huge historic asset.

The Power of Protest
The wave of protests against the Finance Bill highlights the growing frustration among young people with the status quo. Economic hardships and governance challenges have united them in a common cause, leading to a successful pushback that has captured national attention. This movement is not just about the Finance Bill; it’s about demanding accountability, transparency, and better governance.

A Rocky Road for Leadership
Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua finds himself in a precarious position. His fallout with President William Ruto and the battle to retain influence in the Mt Kenya region illustrate the complexities of Kenyan politics. This internal strife underscores the need for political stability and effective leadership to address the country’s pressing issues.

Economic Resilience
Despite the protests and political challenges, Kenya’s economy shows resilience. The recent flower expo in Nairobi is a testament to this, raking in millions of dollars as growers, dealers, and enthusiasts convened to celebrate the industry. Such events underscore the potential for economic growth and recovery, even in turbulent times.

International Perspectives
Looking beyond Kenya, the conflict in Ukraine remains a critical issue. An article says that Western countries are not doing enough to end the war, and the ongoing blame game does little to ease tensions. This perspective highlights the interconnectedness of global events and their implications for Kenya.

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